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At the Kalais Bricks you will find unique creations of LEGO® bricks and interesting articles.

Kalais Bricks' author is a dinosaur. Born in '81. Known as Kalais. I work as a graphic designer. I am creating computer graphics, illustrations, photography, movies, animation and web pages.

I am not English native so please excuse me if I make some grammar mistakes. Feel free to write in comments if you find any.

Like most AFOLs (Adult Fan Of Lego) I loved bricks in childhood but abandoned them as a teenager. But something inside me told me to not get rid of them. I keeped every single box, catalog and instruction!

After a 20 year break I returned to the LEGO®. I dug out of the closet old sets and began to buy single bricks and whole sets. I do not know exactly how it started. For sure one big impulse was "The Lego Movie". It reminded me of stop-motion brickfilms I made looong time ago. I made them on VHS. Maybe some day I'll upload them here.

I am mostly interested in building my own creations (MOC) and this is mainly what you will find on this site.

Designing and building new things from LEGO® is very relaxing for me. And it fulfill my never-ending desire of creating something new.

Pirates and Castle are my favorite themes. I always liked Space themes too. Lately I am also getting into LEGO® Star Wars.

So I guess this is it. Now you know what's goin' on here :)

Feel free to check my other websites:
Kalais Studios - my design studio
Kalais Blog - my illustrations
Bike Blog - MTB, my other hobby

If you want contact me use comments or facebook (best chance for quick reply) or write email at dominik kalais net.


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