[Brickfilm] Ninjago - Sasori: The Greatest Villain

I love to bring life into my LEGO constructions. And here it is - another stop motion video. This time with Ninjas and their greatest enemy - Sasori. Enjoy the movie!

I have to say that I becoming better and better in stop motions because I made it in 5 days. Everything become awesome ;) in only 5 days! It is super fast if you compare it to my previous movies which took me from 3 to 4 weeks to finish.

The first two days I come up with a scenario, built everything and prepared mini-studio for the shooting. The third day - 15 hours straight of "filming". It was hard, but I managed to shot everything in 1 day! :) Last 2 days weren't so intense and I spend them on recording and editing sounds and final montage.

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