[Brickfilm] Harley Quinn robs a Gotham Bank

30 seconds. Film for the contest. Goals? Show LEGO Batman saving the day from a legendary villain. Entries will be judged upon - 25%: LEGO Batman humor, 25%: Creativity in LEGO Builds, 25%: Attention to LEGO Batman and villain story line and last 25%: Focus on the overall look and feel of the movie. And all that in 30 seconds :)

I was thinking a lot how to fit story in such a short time. I love movies with robbing banks so this was my main focus point. Finally I come up with the story, I added a few humorous touches and created screenplay.

Unfortunately I did not have free time before Christmas to make this film. And deadline was January 5th, 2017. In spare time I began to build Gotham. Bank, streets, several houses. Also underground headquarters for Batman. And Batmobile. I already built that one before so I had to only to rebuild it.

Shooting scenes starts. I spend like 2 days in the studio. Setting up lights, scenes and scenery. I wanted to create quite dark and a bit gloomy Gotham City. But not to dark. It was important to keep everything visible.

Next step was to record sounds. It was so fun :) 100% sounds is made by me :) Additional voice for Harley Quinn was recorded by my fiancee. She did very well :)

And last step was montage and edit. And corrections. Changing the concept of one scene. Shooting it again. It was like total 4 days in the making movie. Not counting building from LEGO. But it was worth it :) Now fingers crossed for the results. They should be no later than 30 January... Enjoy the movie! :)

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