[Film] Unboxing Batman contest grand prize

As you probably already know from my social media I won LEGO Batman stop motion international contest! :D It is been some time ago but I am still so happy. It is so awesome! My brickfilm will be featured on the LEGO Batman DVD by Warner Bros!

You have asked lot of question about the prize. Mainly is this the only reward - getting published on DVD/Blu-Ray. So I answer - it is not the only prize but it is the one most important for me. Getting choose by Warner Bros. and LEGO from over 600 other brickfilms. I am speechless, it is super awesome!

I made really simple unboxing film on YouTube. It is first part of rewards. In few months the DVD will also arrive. Enjoy!

P.S. For those who don't follow my social media I attach my post about winning the contest. It is already gone in any news feeds so here it is - as a memento ;)

Dreams come true! My Batman LEGO stop motion will be released by Warner Bros! :D I won international contest on LEGO rebrick! Judges were from Warner Bros and LEGO Group. And they choose my work! That's awesome!

There was over 600 films from all over the world. And only 3, including mine was GRAND PRIZE WINNERS! We are going to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray with LEGO Batman which is currently in theaters.

I am so happy. And proud :) I can't find proper words! It is so awesome! Aaaaa :D

P.S. Special thanks to Beti for letting use her voice in the movie :*

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Author: VaderFan2187 | Date: 14.04.2017

Congratulations! You are lucky :)

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