[MOC] M:Tron Mecha 3

M:Tron is a LEGO series released in 1990 and finished in 1993. The design was very characteristic - red and black with addition of awesome trans neon-green color. I think every child loved it. I did :) Actually I still do :)

I build robot in M:Tron style. To be more exact it is Mecha - robot with pilot inside. Besides decent look of the Mecha I designed cosy interior. There is a walkie-talkie (it is classic for the M:Tron theme), lot of computer panels and even you can find there a cup!

This time there are no pictures. But there is an awesome movie instead!

P.S. Had some fun with creating sounds for the movie. Everything is home-made! :)

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Author: Moises | Date: 08.04.2018

It sort of looks like robins mech!

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