[BRICKFILM] LEGO 31025 Mountain Hut goes Castle

Another brickfilm for LEGO contest. 45 second max duration. This time the goal was to show rebuilding of any Creator 3in1 set model. Either another one from the official set or your own original model. Of course I took second option :)

1. LEGO 31025 - Mountain Hut - orginal form

1. LEGO 31025 - Mountain Hut - orginal form

I bought this set some time ago especially as a bricks donor for my own castle creations. And now it was great possibility to show how great is this set in terms of fantasy building. It is kinda City set but check out how cool castle you can build with it!

Unfortunately this time you couldn't use any music (unless you make your own) so I focused more on the sound effects. My own sound library is growing rapidly. For this film I made few new sounds. For example - the creaking doors are mine feet moving on the floor ;)

Making this movie was crazy. Took me 2 whole days of work. Not counting LDD designing. I had to design castle in LDD so I can recreate it in the movie while looking at the instructions.

Alright, here is the movie:

And final photo of mod:

2. LEGO 31025 - my modification of the set

2. LEGO 31025 - my modification of the set

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Author: Tim M | Date: 01.10.2017

Could you please do a step by step instructions of the castle? I have that set and I really want to build the castle

Author: Kalais (Master Builder aka Admin) | Date: 02.10.2017

Hi Tim, making instructions takes lot of time and that's why I almost never do instructions for my models. But you can rebuild it by setting slower play speed and using pause on the video. All the steps are there!

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