[VIDEO] Jurassic Park - 30th anniversary - animation 2 (of 5)

This is the second animation I made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park movie for The LEGO Group and Universal Pictures. The video with set 76960 turned out to be the most popular among all five. It was viewed over 2 million times on the official LEGO YouTube channel! And this number is growing every day!

I admit that I'm surprised that this particular film became the most popular. I didn't feel like it stood out in any way from the others in terms of plot or visuals. But until something is released, you never know for sure how it will be received by the audience.

As continue of previous post I will write some more info about the production.

As with the previous film, and probably with every film being made, there were a lot of fun, enjoyment and positive energy combined with creative solving of various technical and artistic problems.

What I remember most is figuring out how to bring the Brachiosaurus into life in animation. Her legs don't move so she couldn't really move in an interesting way. The movement of the tail is very limited - it only rotates around its own axis. So basically I got left only with the neck and head .

This was the main starting point when coming up with the plot. And the sneeze :) It had to appear :) It's a scene I remembered perfectly from the original movie.

The fact that Brachiosaurus is very tall didn't help either. Because of that the whole scenery like all the trees built by the WAWLUG team (BHs, Jetboy, Liwnik) had to be really huge.

Attention! Fun fact. In internal materials for creators, LEGO sometimes link this film as an example of a proper stop motion animation. :D

Attention! Another interesting fact ;) Originally, this film was shot in a vertical format (for phones), in 4:5 aspect ratio, but had to be ready for 16:9 format too. That’s the one you are watching now. 16:9 is a widescreen format, such as in modern TVs, monitors and cinemas. Why am I writing about this?

Because these are absolutely different formats that show completely different things. I'm attaching a picture below. Check out the difference for yourself. In one you can see more on the sides, in the other one there is more data at the bottom and top. Shooting with both formats in mind requires building more scenery so that there are no empty fragments left somewhere. And in general, it introduces a lot of restrictions on camera work, positioning characters in the frame, etc.

In general, I'm always sad that the world is moving towards vertical or square videos. This is how we hold our phones and that's why this format is becoming more and more popular. It took mankind many years before CRT TVs in 4:3 format (almost square) disappeared from homes. They were replaced by flat, widescreen displays with similar proportions (16:9) to cinema screens. And above all, similar to how we see the world through our eyes. We see the world panoramically. The eyes are located next to each other.

And now we, human beings, are regressing and absorbing vertical content. For a vertical image to be natural for us we would have to have our eyes placed one below the other :D It is not natural :D

I love the 16:9 image format, and even more the 2.40:1 format, which is a typical cinema format. These are true film standards for me. And I hope that phones like those in the Expanse series will be created. They are vertical, but have a horizontal video extension :) Wonderful :) You hold phone vertically but image is panoramic!

Smartphone from the Expanse series

Smartphone from the Expanse series

Okay, I've sailed away from the main topic. But that's enough for today. See you in part three, with the third dinosaur movie. :)

The next chapter is ready to read - check out it here.

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